Case Studies

Corrective Jaw Surgery Can Transform
Both Function and Appearance

At KOMS, you can expect excellent aesthetic results, whether we’re providing implants, treating trauma or correcting dentofacial deformities such as those shown to the right. Everyone knows the transformation improvements to your smile can cause. But the results from corrective jaw surgery are even more dramatic. The first “before and after” images show a receding lower jaw corrected by surgical procedures. The second set shows correction to an open bite, and the third, correction to a protruding jaw. These are the most common types of dentofacial improvements, but every case is as unique as the individuals we treat.

Corrective jaw surgery moves your teeth and jaws into positions that are more balanced, functional and healthy. Although the goal of this surgery is always to improve your bite and function, many patients also experience enhancements to their appearance and speech. The results of corrective jaw surgery can have a dramatic and positive effect on many aspects of your life.