Financial Policy

Services are rendered directly to the patient and the patient is responsible to us for payment.    It is the policy of our office to receive payment for services at the time they are rendered.  Due to the high cost of extending credit, the following policies have been adopted regarding payment for services by the office.

1. Payment can be made according to the following terms: cash, check, Visa, Master Card, Discover or Care Credit.

2. Should an insurance company fail to make payment within 60 days of treatment, the patient will be responsible for the account balance at that time.

3. Calculated charges not covered by insurance must be paid at the time of service.

4. A 10% Senior Citizen (65 years and older) discount is offered for prepayment or payment in full at the time of treatment.  

5. Minors, financial responsibility falls to the responsible adult accompanying the patient.

Please note, you may also receive a separate bill for laboratory and pathology services that are not performed in our office.                     


We will complete and submit necessary insurance forms for you.  We do require you to provide any and all insurance information.  Benefits must be made payable to our office and necessary information must be provided or services will be considered on a non-insurance basis.

This office does not participate with MEDICAL Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance, the Blue Cross Federal Employee Program or Medicare. The patient, who will be paid by their insurance company directly for covered services, must make payment for services at the time they are rendered.

Kalamazoo Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, P.C. will file claims to a secondary insurance when applicable.  In order to do this, the patient must forward a copy of the BCBS EOB to Kalamazoo Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, P.C. If the EOB is not forwarded within 14 days of the insured’s receipt, the secondary insurance will not be billed and any balance remaining on the patient’s account will immediately become the patient’s responsibility.

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